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02 May 2007

K. Vary park

Chasing pigeons is so much fun! Magdalena had a blast chasing these birds several times within just a few minutes. If it weren't for the bread crumbs our neighbors were throwing the birds, I think they might have left us sooner!


At 02 May, 2007 20:51, Blogger Casey and Jessica said...

I can't believe that she can run like that! It is so cute. Samuel is still barely walking. :)

At 03 May, 2007 04:48, Blogger Gale said...

She gets around so well! Running after those pigeons! She looked so bewildered when they all fled--like "Where are you guys going?" I hope to experience her walking/running ability in person very soon! I'll keep you posted on the saga of the airline ticket. We'll skype Friday--your birthday! By the way, tell Petr we installed the camera! Aren't you proud?!


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