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07 August 2007

Saturday at the cottage

My dear friend Petra, who visits us every week to practice our language skills, invited us to her family cottage 2 weekends ago. We stayed all day and overnight on Saturday enjoying fresh air, good food, and of course great company. Magdalena had a blast playing with Karolina's dolls, even if she didn't know how to properly carry them. :)
I always cherish the weekends because of the extra time I can spend with my husband. Being in such beauty made it even more special.
Here am I with my baby and Karolina (Petra's daughter) with her "baby" Terezka. The puppy and Magdalena got along swimmingly. We hope to dog-sit this cute fluffball in a couple of weeks.
We share a love for all animls, but I definitely prefer kittens over doggies. Karolina doesn't hold this against me so we get along nicely too. Often Petra has to help us understand each other though since neither of us is fluent in the other's language.

Last, but not least, here I am with Petra. She's so beautiful and kind. On each of our visits she brings a fruit or sweet treat that she knows Magdalena and I like. Other than my Moravian family, she is singly responsible for my being able to speak Czech as well as I do - not perfectly by any means, but at least I can be understood (usually) and understand others pretty well. I will greatly miss her when we are living in America.


At 09 August, 2007 04:49, Blogger Casey and Jessica said...

It's good to have somewhere to get away to! Looks like Magda is a caring child when it comes to dolls :)

At 09 August, 2007 06:02, Blogger Gale said...

So nice to have friends to share good times with! It was so sweet of them to invite you for the weekend. Looks like it was enjoyable for all!


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