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22 July 2006


This picture is for Aunt Ellen. She gave Magdalena the yellow duckie blankie that she sleeps with now, as of Wednesday night. At first I wasn't sure how she really felt about it since I'd been putting it under her arm. But tonight, I put her in bed already asleep and didn't want to disturb her by placing the blanket under her arm so I just laid it nearby. A few minutes later Petr and I heard her stirring around and whimpering faintly. Within a couple of minutes she was sound asleep -- after moving over to the blankie and resting her head right by the little duck's head!


At 27 July, 2006 03:47, Blogger Gale said...

That is so sweet. Like mommy, like daughter--having a blanket to sleep with. She is growing up and changing so fast. I need another visit! They are going to be too far between, I can see!

What about the stuffed animal we bought that you were going to sleep with first so it would have mommy's smell? Have you given her that yet?

Love you!


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