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09 November 2006


Magdalena has a new name -- Ballerina! That's right. On Tuesday, Sunny, Magdalena, and I went to the Verbrugges' house to help out with Lydia and Marcus so Ann-marie could get some much needed rest (plus, it was a really good excuse for a nice visit). We ended up staying most of the day talking, eating, playing with the kiddies, and relaxing while the little ones napped.

Lydia was such a good helper with caring for Magdalena. When Aunt Sunny asked her for a soft toy that babies can play with, Lydia shared her Larry Boy stuffed toy (her favorite!) with Magdalena. We asked, "Lydia, can you say the baby's name? Magdalena." She promptly responded, "Ballerina." And that is what Lydia called her all day long!

Magdalena is fond of standing on her toes -- more so than standing flat-footed -- so, perhaps, Lydia isn't too far off base in calling her Ballerina!


At 09 November, 2006 15:44, Blogger Casey and Jessica said...

Mother like daughter! Maybe she will be a dancer like you :)


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