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25 October 2006


For our first outing, we took Bonnie (pictured on the far left -- her first time in Europe) to Vysehrad. Of course she loved it. Who wouldn't? It is the site of Prague's legendary first dynastic rulers' castle ruins. Unfortunately, only Libuse's Bath remains. But it is just as lovely as seeing a complete castle. We also enjoyed walking through the cemetary where the composer Dvorak is buried. Below is one of the many beautiful views from one of the high points overlooking the city of Prague.


At 26 October, 2006 05:27, Blogger Gale said...

Look at the expression on Magdalena's face! Too cute! We had such a good time! I wish I could be in two places at one time! I love you!

At 26 October, 2006 05:28, Blogger Gale said...

Oh, Bonnie found us electric kettles at Aldi's! On sale, no less! :)


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