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30 November 2006

This morning...

Magdalena met the demise of her favorite household chore, laundry, as the drying rack tumbled down around her due to her attempting to climb up on it. Thank God, she didn't get hurt (and the laundry wasn't soiled either). But I did have to totally take apart my rack in order to disentangle the mess!


At 02 December, 2006 05:53, Blogger Gale said...

She's going to miss her drying rack when you get here! :) Actually, we may have to get one to use here! My dryer has stopped working!!!!!! I may be getting a dryer for Christmas! Isn't that exciting!? By the way, I love the expression on her face and the bow in her hair. Muah!

At 05 December, 2006 03:57, Blogger Jonathan Stone said...

I heard that you are in the US! Will you be in Cleveland at all and if you are can we see you?!?!


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