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09 January 2007

We saw the Stones

No, not the Rolling Stones, but our beloved friends the Stone family (although there was some rolling involved amongst our 3 youngsters)! The day after Christmas, Petr and I travelled with Magdalena to see some friends for the day and were blessed to spend the evening catching up with our fellow Prague missionaries. We enjoyed pizza, great coffee and coconut cake, and of course lots of fun and conversing with our friends. We LOVE you; Jon, Emily, Eloise, and Lillian!!First thing after arriving in Cleveland, we met up with Shellie and Damian for a scrumscious lunch at O'Charley's. They are an intercultural couple like we are and we're all looking forward to next year when we'll be in the same country and get to see each other more often than once a year. Shellie is my college roommate from Kentucky and Damian is her Argintine husband. They are expecting their first baby in July!! Congrats, Shellie and Damian. :)

And, of course, we couldn't go to Cleveland without seeing my family! Between seeing our friends, we visited with Oma and Uncle Steve for a couple of hours. It's a good thing that we'd already planned on spending a whole day with them later in the week because just 2 hours isn't nearly long enough to spend with my dear grandmother!


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woah i love your hair!!!


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