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02 May 2007

Our 'bad adventure

Karlsbad, that is. Or Karlovy Vary in Czech! Petr and I went 2 years ago and enjoyed this spa city's beauty so much that we returned with Magdalena and Aunt Sunny yesterday. Here are a few pictures to give you a hint of what it's like there!

Lots of nasty tasting, but medicinal, natural hot springs. This one is called Libuse and is 62C.

Flowers everywhere in the town. We relaxed and ate a snack in this park where Sunny took a family photo for us.

Sidewalks throughout the town allowing leisurely strolls (even with a stroller!). Here we are with Sunny and "Purple Princess."

Colorful buildings all along the valley river and going up the mountains on either side.

A long collonade sheltering several of the hundreds of springs - Libuse (the spring pictured in the first photo) is housed here.


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