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08 August 2007

Letohradek Hvězda

"Little Summer Castle Star" is this building's name in English - much shorter in Czech, eh? But, I wanted you to know that it's called Star because that's the shape it was constructed in. Very cool. :) It was a hunting lodge for Ferdinand II and the location of the Battle of White Mountain. Now it's a lovely walking park with a wooden playground. The building houses a concert hall and a mini-museum of the battle.
It's a good thing this "water horse" is wooden because Magdalena rode him with wild abandonment, galloping through many an imaginary stream. She did NOT want Mommy helping her on this thing - only Daddy, please.

On the little wooden train it was time for Mommy to play too. Back and forth she walked, ran, and hopped many times till her little legs demanded some rest (and ice cream).


At 09 August, 2007 04:47, Blogger Casey and Jessica said...

I love this star castle! I want to visit it next time I come over there! Magda on the water horse is great! Teaching her about magical animals already! Good for you! I am a believer of the mystical beings! Also I believe dragons are real!

At 09 August, 2007 06:10, Blogger Gale said...

I'll bet the ice cream was Petr's idea! I agree with Jessica: I want to visit the Star Castle!


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