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31 August 2009

Magda's growth

This afternoon when Magdalena awoke from her nap, I went in her room and sat beside her on the bed. She looked bigger to me than when I'd left her at home this morning with her Daddy as I went to work. So, I told her she looked bigger, that I thought she'd grown in her sleep. She stared at me in disbelief then looked down at herself as if to check if she'd gotten any bigger. I then asked, "Do you think you grew some?" She replied, "not yet." I am glad to keep her as small as possible for as long as possible - but everyday she shows me more and more that she is growing up and becoming her own person. I am amazed daily at her independence and depth of knowledge and understanding of how the world around her exists. She's a smart little thing with a very quirky sense of humor that keeps us smiling!


At 31 August, 2009 23:24, Blogger Sunny said...

Indeed! She is independent, smart, and a little sassy - (not entirely unlike her mother!) I love it!

At 01 September, 2009 07:00, Blogger Gale said...

Cherish every moment. They are gone so quickly! But new each stage is as wonderful as the last.


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