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13 August 2009

Moravian Sunday

Since Petr lost his job on Friday, we took advantage of the time "off" for an extended weekend with his family. Sunday afternoon we ate a delicious lunch, took a delightful 2 hour nap, then went out for a little trip to buy fun toys and see animals in a mini-zoo. Magdalena loved these flower pinwheels!
Daddy, the toy lady's dog, and Magdalena. They "toy lady" is actually a cousin of Milan's so she was very willing to share her doggy with Magdalena who loves any animal or creature with 4 legs (or more - can anyone say ANTS??).
Choosing some goodies - a ball, a water game, and a Mickey Mouse pin!
Deda being a silly man with a crazy wig - we all agreed that he looks like a mad Indian, er, "native american." :-)


At 14 August, 2009 21:48, Blogger Gale said...

Such fun! I wish we were there to have all that fun too! I love all the pics with Magda in her sunglasses! And I'm thinking Milan looks good as a redhead! :)

At 15 August, 2009 01:16, Blogger Emily said...

Very nice. It looks like such fun.


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