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16 March 2006

Roses are dead, not red

Curious that my "mystery" flowers (as we call them because no one seems to know what they are) are still alive over 5 weeks after I received them, but my roses are dead not 2 weeks later...the unknown type flowers were a thank you gift from my English students on the day I went into labor. The roses were from Magdalena's baby dedication on the 5th March. Good thing that my little Rose isn't really a flower!

Today Magdalena has been napping very well after sleeping 10 minutes shy of 12 hours last night! Her naps have allowed me to totally clean the house (bathroom included!) and read one of the greatest books on the planet, Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child (Marc Weissbluth, M.D.). Jessica and Casey, I've got a copy on the way for you! Trust me, you'll want it!


At 17 March, 2006 03:33, Blogger Gale said...

Jessica, Elizabeth and I had so much fun at Babies R Us today. I tried to buy some stuff for Samuel, but they have EVERYTHING!! I did get him an Easter outfit and another cute spring set (shorts, shirt and vest). I bought a base for the car seat for the van. But mostly I bought stuff for Magdalena!!! Some clothes. Some light weight blankets. A diaper stacker to hang on her crib. Too much fun! I'll send it all when the books come in. I'm definitely going to need a bigger box than the one I bought at the post office yesterday to send your shaver part! :) Love you, Momma


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