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31 July 2006

Cluster map

Several weeks ago, I noticed the cluster map on our friends' blog. I thought that it was sooo cool! The just the other day, I saw that the Verbrugges got it. Then Sunny did too. That made me think, "If Sunny can figure out how to have that nifty map on her blog, then so can I." HAH! I couldn't figure it out. Fortunately, Petr knew what to do. So, now, Dear Readers, when you view our family blog, you're being tracked! : ) The more people in an area that log onto our site, the bigger the red dot over that location. Cool, huh?


At 31 July, 2006 17:14, Blogger Sunny said...

"If Sunny can figure it out, so can I" ---- ha ha. That made me laugh, probably because you are right. If it's technologically simple enough for me, anyone can do it!

At 01 August, 2006 06:04, Blogger Gale said...

The map is really neat. I wonder what cities are represented by the dots? Especially the ones out west. Sharon and I are keeping the Atlanta dot going! :)

Love you!


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