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15 September 2006

Grandparents' visit

Babi and Deda came to visit us this week! They were here for 2 full days and nights, ensuring Magdalena plenty of quality play time with her grandparents. Kveta (or Babi to Magdalena) helped Magdalena taste her first rohlik (roll). Since our baby still doesn't have any teeth she wasn't able to eat it, but she gummed it up pretty well!
Milan (Deda to Magdalena) went to the extremes of entertainment, showing off his very silly streak...hmm, could this be where Petr got his funny bone from? Magdalena wasn't quite sure what to think of the gift bag on her grandfather's head, so she looked to see our reaction before she began cooing to him. :)


At 15 September, 2006 23:21, Blogger Gale said...

You'll have to tell Milan we love tha hat. It isn't very functional in the rain or cold, but it is very entertaining for the grand kids! What else are we grandparents here for?!


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