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04 September 2006

Guacamole anyone?

Yesterday Magdalena had some avacado with her dinner. It's perfect for one of her first foods since it has tons of vitamins and fatty acids which help brain cell development (she's gonna be one super smart baby!) and it mushes really easily. But, she didn't like the texture too much. Instead, she wanted to play with it! Within seconds that fork mashed avacado was creamy floor wax. See, her creativity has already increased due to the brain growth!

Today, I put some super mushed avacado into her rice cereal...and she ate it all up! That has never happened before. Normally, Magdalena eats about half of a portion of rice cereal (not that I blame her -- that stuff is pretty bland).


At 22 September, 2006 14:21, Blogger Oma said...

I share the photos and most of the comments with my secretary, Susan. I thought your comment about Magdalena's increased creativity due to the healthful brain food she was playing with was so cute. Susan says about you, Rebekah, "She has a good sense of humor."


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