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20 September 2006

What now?

Poor baby figured out today how to stand up in her crib...but couldn't get back down! This is how I found her after naptime this morning. I was afraid of this happening and now it has (at least she didn't manage to climb out -- or catapult out like cousin Kristin). Guess Daddy will have to lower the matress sooner than we'd planned.


At 21 September, 2006 04:14, Blogger Gale said...

The tears on her face broke my heart. Poor baby! She's learning something new every day.

At 22 September, 2006 14:11, Blogger Oma said...

What a pitiful little darling, my great-grandbaby Magdalena is in this predicament! Her plea is "Help, Mama. I'm up and I can't get down."


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