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10 January 2007


of the cuddle monster! This morning Magdalena is feeling much, much better than the past few days. As soon as her little body hit my bed, she attacked me with cuddles and giggles. What a relief after her pitiful sobriety last night.

For those of you who didn't know, last night Magdalena had a fever of 102F/39C. She was so miserable that she actually fell asleep while I was holding her and talking on the phone with the pediatrician. (Those who know her sleep habits know this never happens!)

Petr and I were very worried because this is her first illness accompanied by a fever. So, after many prayers from our Project Antioch friends and our family in the USA, she's feeling much better. Keep up the prayers, though; the fever is still waivering between 100 and 101F/37.7 and 38C.


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