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02 February 2007

The past two weeks

We've been quite busy the last 14 days catching up with our friends and missed activities in Prague since Magdalena was sick after our return home. So, "what have you been doing?" you ask. I'm glad you asked!!

Project Antioch opened a family center called Palacek (like the Czech Thumbalina - only there's a bunch of stories about many tiny children here!) which is super fun! Magdalena has made new friends every time we've gone. She got to play with kids from 3 different play groups and with a new toy that Clark is lending her. (Thanks for the picture, Sunny!) Now our Munchkaroodle can walk (or rather run) all over the house.
Even when she's not playing with this toy, but she sees it, she begins to smile and laugh! Thanks heaps, Shanna! You've gotta give Clark kisses of gratitude for us. :)

We have also been dealing with snow. Not well, let me tell you! A stroller is very difficult to navigate in foot high snow. So, we've been using the carrying-shawl often. Traveling home yesterday with the shawl, Magdalena caught the attention of one young fellow about 10 years old. She chirrupped "DaDa!" to him. He quickly responded to her: "I'm not Daddy; I'm a friend." Turning me to me, "Is that okay that I'm her friend?" I assured him it was.

He continued to converse with us by asking Magdalena's age, if she understands words, where we were going, and commenting that the shawl was nifty, etc. After a couple of minutes he realised that I'm not a native Czech speaker and asked me where I was from. So I told him and his eyes bulged out almost as far as his jaw dropped down in disbelief. :D What do you think was the first thing he asked about America? Go ahead, guess. Nope, that's wrong. He asked, "Does America have the electric chair?" I admitted that yes we do have it although I thought it was bad. He said that he would be afraid of it and that it was cruel...then he hopped off the metro. But he didn't leave the platform until he'd waved to Magdalena through the window!

So long for now, my dear blog readers. I'm preparing to greet my parents at the airport! They arrive today to celebrate Magdalena's birthday with us.


At 06 February, 2007 10:36, Blogger jl4ev said...

haha, glad to see you're doing so well with the locals in Prague. Also pleased to see how well family life is suiting you. Wishing you lots of happiness and blessings. "Perfect Love drives out all Fear". In His Name. L

At 07 February, 2007 06:31, Blogger Jennifer said...

Hey Rebecca, I read your blog all the time. I can't believe how big Magdalena is getting! She is such a cutie pie. Birthday? Has it really been a year? My how time flies - of course I should know, I still can't believe Ruthi is 2 now!! I love being able to "watch" Magdalena grow!


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