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24 March 2007

4 Ladies and a Baby

Magdalena and I met up with Heather and her friends, Lauren and Sarah, on Monday. We showed them around the castle grounds and got to watch the day's main changing of the guard. Very impressive: 20+ soldiers in the march, 5 standing in the courtyard windows playing music, and 6 in the actual change. Such grandeur!!

Understandably, they couldn't pass up an opportunity to snap a photo with a spiffy soldier on duty.

Later in the day, after Magdalena awoke from her afternoon nap, Heather and her friends came over to our apartment for tea and cakes. (Petr bought us some individually wrapped strawberry shortcakes!) Even with the weather being quite chilly and a bit drizzly, we still had so much fun together. I'm glad that I was blessed by seeing Heather (and that she'll be in Georgia when we live there too). She's promised to show me her neck of the woods next year - the Mall of Georgia! Heather, I'm holding you to your word...I've not been to there yet. :)


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