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30 March 2007


Recently, Magdalena just can't get enough Daddy time. She bounces with glee when he gets her out of bed in the morning and even rejected Mommy cuddles this morning in favor for Daddy holding her!

Not wanting to vacate Daddy's lap as he put on his sweater for work, Magdalena got a bit entangled...and loved every moment of it!


At 30 March, 2007 16:27, Blogger Gale said...

What a content little face--sort of like the one in her car seat in an earlier bog entry. She loves her daddy!

At 01 April, 2007 16:41, Blogger Sunny said...

Yes,I think she is turning into a bit of a daddy's girl! It's so cute, today at church I tried to take her from Petr's arms and she would have none of it! (She's got a lot of mommy's "sassiness' in her too though!)


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