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08 May 2007

Day trip to Písek

Písek is a southern Bohemian town that boasts the Czech Republic's oldest stone bridge and is the hometown of Petr's colleague Jirka. He and his daughter were staying in their cottage over the weekend and for the holiday and Jirka invited us to join them. So we traveled there yesterday for the day and saw some the lovely sites around the town.

One of the best "sites" was Karla, Jirka's 4 year-old daughter. She and her friend Magdalena (called Maida) quickly befriended our Magdalena. Sharing toys, the swing, and crawling on the bed together proved loads of fun!

For you Prague dwellers or vistors: do you recognise this river? It's our own Vltava! Bet you never thought that it could be so beautiful, huh? I know I sure didn't!

Jirka enjoyed being our "tour-guide" while we walked around the grounds of the Zvikov castle, a church, and through town.

Petr captured this picture just a split second before Magdalena bounded off the stone to run around the castle grounds some more. See the next post for a video of that!


At 09 May, 2007 02:41, Blogger Casey and Jessica said...

She looks like she is thinking "I will smile only to get this over with so then I can play" It sounds like you had lots of fun.


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