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18 June 2007

Green thumb?

Over Easter weekend, Petr bought me this potted African Violet. Within a couple of weeks all of the blossoms were dead and I had to prune their stalks. I thought for sure that I'd killed my precious plant...But, about 4 days ago the Violet reblossomed! She has several new blooms on 3 stalks. Maybe, just maybe, I inherited some of Papa Bo's (my paternal grandfather) green thumb after all! Isn't she lovely sitting in our window sill?


At 19 June, 2007 02:09, Blogger Casey and Jessica said...

if it was my plant it would be dead for sure!

At 04 July, 2007 04:18, Blogger Gale said...

Hey, you must have a long distance green thumb! Your violet that I'm "violet-sitting" has a bloom on it too! They are both very pretty.


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