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04 June 2007

Highlights of Kutná Hora

The "Bone Church," as we've so lovingly dubbed the 14th-century Ossuary of Kutná Hora, is filled with the bones of approximately 40,000 victims of the Hussite Wars and the Bubonic Plague. I captured this shot of the ceiling, cherub, and chandelier with my mental camera, but Momma got it for me on her digital too.
After seeing all those bones, we all felt like we were famished to our bones! So, we had a tailgate picnic of salami sandwiches, chips (Magdalena's favorite!), and pickles. Momma/Gigi took this family photo 3 times - but none of them turned out so good. 1st try - we gals have our eyes shut! 2nd try - I look scary due to my attempt at keeping my eyes open against the glare. 3rd one...well, it's kinda cute. You can check it out on Gigi and Poppy's blog.
Our final "tour" was through the Cathedral of St. Barbora. Magdalena went tearing through the aisles to step up into all of the little chapels. Fortunately, she had on the handy baby leash! She managed to get into only one chapel she shouldn't have entered. ;) Above, you can see her sporting the leash as she investigates her first water spout siting.
Czechs have one of two reactions to this novelty of a child leash. Some react with fascination, thinking what an odd - but brilliant - contraption it is. The others disaprove and have no qualms about not masking their distain. I can almost read their thoughts, "A child isn't a dog!" To which I mentally reply, "Of course. She's more precious than a dog. All the more reason to keep her close by!"


At 08 June, 2007 02:53, Blogger Casey and Jessica said...

Its funny that you have one of those leash thingys cause I was just thinking that I would need one soon for Samuel because we let him walk around in Target and he was all over the place! And when Aunt Liz and I went to the thrift store Samuel thought it would be fun to hide under the clothes rack! :)


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