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02 June 2007


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Weekly we go to the Paleček Family Center for English hour (which I lead) and playing with other kids. Magdalena's all time favorite activity there is bouncing on the trampoline. Every visit, we inevitably end up jumping several minutes, several times! Last week, Gigi was with us and captured this video demonstrating Magdalena's adroit trampoline skills.See? Further evidence that Magdalena loves the trampoline! She sat still long enough to be photographed sitting still!
Gigi also snapped a few photos of me playing with my munchkin -we play together all the time but seldom have proof since it's usually just us two!

Typically, we stay at Paleček most of the day and Magdalena takes a nap there. When she awoke last week, she played alone for a bit exploring the play area next to her make-shift "bed."


At 03 June, 2007 17:01, Blogger Casey and Jessica said...

I love this post! Magda is so wonderfully cute! Boy, does Magda look like her Gigi in that picture!


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