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23 June 2007

"See you tomorrow" party

Our dear friends, and fellow Project Antiochers, the Verbrugges are moving back to the USA on 2 July. So, today a bunch of us gathered at their place (minus 70% of their belongings) for a farewell party. Since none of us could bear to say "good-bye" we parted way with "See you tomorrow!" For, indeed we will be seeing them at church in the morning.
Ann-marie and Marcus greeted us when we first arrived. He's such a doll! He was happy as a lark, having just finished his bottle of milk moments before we arrived.

We've been experiencing some crazy weather these days. Although the weather forecasted no rain and the morning began with cloudless skies, it was cool and actually did rain. But, that didn't discourage the little ones from swimming! Lydia, Lucy, and Clark paddled away in the heated pool.
Magdalena felt a bit left out of the fun, sitting on the sidelines in Daddy's lap. But she soon found fun in other areas to distract her from the water.

Post rain, we ladies - Shanna (in the middle) and Laura - soaked up some sun and enjoyed the slight breeze.


At 04 July, 2007 04:45, Blogger Gale said...

I know you are surely going to miss Anne-Marie and Brandon! And the kids! At least you will soon be on the same continent as them! :) We can't wait for that event!


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