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13 July 2007

Zoo Lešna

This zoo is the most beautiful I've experienced. A better description would be that it is a botanical garden with animal accents! Although, don't let that make you think this zoo is skimpy in the furry creature department - no, sir! There are animals abundant! Magdalena was convinced this zebra was a horse and insisted on saying, "nee-nee" to him as she does to pictures of horsies.
Ms. Lemur here is posing only an arm's length from me. If I'd reached out, I would have touched her. One of her companions hopped onto another visitor's shoulder allowing several children to pet him. This was forbidden according to the signs...guess these Lemurs were illiterate!
Milan, Magdalena's Dědeček, treated us to this zoo visit and snapped this family photo for us in "Asia" near one of the many fountained ponds. Magdalena is teething (6 big ones in-coming!), so she's got her hand in her mouth as a comfort.
Here is Magdalena with her "Deda," as she says, laughing at the funny Alaskan black bears (the Czech name for them is literally "eared bear" because their ears are quite bushy).
Ostrich Tall appeared to be the lone flightless bird in this area. Perhaps he jumped the fence to visit his llama friends. Whatever the case, he was quite eager to pose for me. :)

For you Georgians, doesn't this gorilla remind you of the gorilla statue in Zoo Atlanta? I almost felt like I was back home when we were posing for this one!


At 13 July, 2007 16:04, Blogger Gale said...

Samuel and I enjoyed looking at the pictures of the zoo. He barked at all the animal photos! And waved at all the people photos! Funny, sweet boy! And yes, the first thing I thought of when I saw the picture of you, Magda and the gorilla was Willie B! I wonder if he ever visited the Czech Republic? The family picture is beautiful. Milan looks so happy to be with his little girl!


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