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03 September 2007

Dolled up

During our breakfast tea, Magdalena was inspired to beautify herself when she saw my accessories from yesterday on the computer desk. I put the clip in her hair but she also wanted my necklace. So, as I worked the clasp, I explained that "this is a special necklace. It was a gift for Mommy from Daddy." She gently (gently!) cupped the crystal in her hand as she "ooh"ed over it. Then didn't touch it again the entire time she wore it - maybe half an hour! BTW Magdalena has on her new Hello Kitty pajamas in this photo. They are still huge on her, but she LOVES them. :)


At 04 September, 2007 09:46, Blogger Lukas & Joanna said...

She looks adorable wearing her new pjs. So she is an accesorie girl, isnt she?
See you soon.

At 04 September, 2007 20:49, Blogger Haike said...

I can't believe how is she grown! So cute:) It's been almost a year I saw Magdalena and all of you last time. I hope that will be able to see you some Sunday morning soon.


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