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27 August 2007

Barum Rally and Sweet Feet

The Barum Rally takes place in Zlin - the biggest city near Petr's home village. This year Petr had another fan in the house to enjoy watching the races with! Magdalena sat in his lap for an hour watching the cars zoom around and pointing to each one saying "cah! cah!"

While they sat and watched I looked down and saw their feet and just had to snap a shot. They're so sweet!


At 27 August, 2007 17:29, Blogger Gale said...

I can see it now: Magdalena and Samuel watching the NASCAR races together! Both pointing and saying "car, car, car" each time one is in sight!

At 28 August, 2007 04:25, Blogger Casey and Jessica said...

I was thinking the same thing! Boy does Samuel love to say the word "Cah"! I think he holds the record of saying one word in a row 299 times!


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