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09 October 2007

Precious moments

These last few days have been filled with many precious moments with Magdalena's grandparents and cousin. The most memorable one for me happened Saturday at lunch.

Magdalena, Adelka, and Babi were all sitting in chairs lined up in a row at the table. Babi was spoon feeding lunch to the girls from the same spoon and plate. Each would take a bite then the next would. One bite Magdalena didn't want (the meat - she's recently been on a meat strike) and she declared, "no!" Adelka laughed at this because in Czech it sounded like Magdalena was saying "yeah" while shaking her head no. Babi explained the lingual difference and said that since Magdalena's mommy talks in English so does Magdalena sometimes. And proceeded to tell Adelka some words she's learned in English from Magdalena...Babi's vocabulary includes "cookie," "no," "milk," "apple," and "chips."

I was watching from the kitchen where they really couldn't see me but I had a great view of them. As I saw their interaction, I paused my own meal preparation to absorb the memory and just cried at how precious they were together.
Here are the girls sharing apples and toys. Adelka has taken a real liking to the little dog Magdalena refers to as "puppy" - good thing Magdalena doesn't mind sharing her animals with her cousin!


At 09 October, 2007 18:11, Blogger Gale said...

Make sure you keep those memories forever by writing them down or blogging them. They are too sweet to not remember. And they will mean a lot to Magdalena later.


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