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25 September 2007

Going away party

My dear friend Sunny organized our going away party on Saturday. She and Dot made this special "American" cake for us - with homemade icing!! It was super delicious and Magdalena is now really enjoying playing with the plastic airplane.
Dot (far left) helped set up and brought flowers to decorate, Sunny was the party coordinator (on my left), I was one of the "guests of honor," and Simona (far right) baked a babovka (Czech pound cake which was super tasty!). I will dearly miss my "girls" after we move.
Chris (in black tee) and Petr talked as Simona and I listened in on their conversation...Chris and his wife Laura (another of my friends), as jet lagged as they were, helped clean up afterwards - such servants!!
Magdalena and her favorite friend Natalie took advantage of the marvelous play room at the family center during the party.
Our pastors Basia (taking a picture) and Zdenek (with Petr) helped set up and provided a beautiful veggie tray. I'm gonna miss girl nights with Basia, Zdenek's kooky jokes and his inspiring sermons...

*Thank you all who came, helped out, and blessed us with your time. We'll miss you all very much. Also, thank you, Sunny, for the pictures!


At 25 September, 2007 17:57, Blogger Gale said...

Seeing the pictures of you and Petr and Magdalena with all your many wonderful friends you have in Prague made me want to cry. For them and you. I feel selfish for being glad you are going to be here with us!

At 26 September, 2007 18:03, Blogger Sunny said...

It was such a pleasure Rebekah. You are such a wonderful friend!


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