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25 September 2007

For Simona

Sunday morning Magdalena refused to eat every food we offered her for breakfast. She kept saying "baba" and we thought she was referring to her cup with frogs on it because "baba" is how she pronounces the Czech word for frog. But after she had firmly established that was NOT what she wanted we finally realized that she wanted babovka (Czech pound cake). We'd brought home the left overs from our party Saturday and she loved it so much that was the only thing she'd eat for breakfast. We decided it was okay this one time because, after all, how often does Teta Simona bake a cake in our honor? Thanks, Simona! Your babovka was definitely a success!


At 25 September, 2007 17:56, Blogger Gale said...

A girl after her Gigi's own heart! Pound cake for breakfast seems like a great idea to me!


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