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22 April 2009

Another zoo

Lincoln Park Zoo was pretty cool - literally and figuratively speaking - so we all enjoyed watching the great cats in the Cat House. Mr. Lion winked at us a few times then let out a miniature roar, just for show.
The poor Amur Leopard kept pacing back and forth, back and forth. We think he must be bored from protecting his territory from phantom predators...
After the big cats, we mozied on to eat some lunch and by then the sun had reappeared allowing us to visit the Sears Tower!


At 04 May, 2009 11:25, Blogger Pavlina, Luca a Michele said...

Wow, your trip around the ZOOs is so exciting! Hope you'll join us for the Prague one soon. When will you relocate? And HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Rebekah!!!!


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