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25 May 2009

On the road, again

Magdalena started out entertaining herself with a good book, The Great Mouse Detective, but...
ended up falling asleep before we got through Chicago on our way from Milwaukee to Detroit.
Paying the $2 toll for traversing the Chicago Skyway was well worth the expense! We had a great view and it was quicker than taking the smaller roads.
We passed Kalamazoo!! Magdalena and I made up a silly song about Kalamazoo and waved to each of the city's exits as we passed and gave a great big "Hallooo" to the Kalamazoo River just cuz it's so much fun to say KALAMAZOO! Petr looked at me in wonder of what happened to his wife and who was this crazy woman in her place. :-)


At 27 May, 2009 17:51, Blogger Gale said...

What a sweet girl--reading and sleeping. I can imagine Petr's reaction to you and Magdalena singing such a silly song. I wonder where you got that from? Oh, I know. Your dad! :) I guess you are carrying on the family tradition.


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