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08 June 2009

1 June - Children's Day in Stromovka Park

Petr setting up a tent for one of the organizations that gave prizes to the kids and offers family activities throughout the year. (Photographed by Magdalena.)
A self portrait also taken by Magdalena.
Magdalena's documentation of Mirka recording the event.
A picture I took of Magdalena having fun after she helped set up the chalk drawing area. She carried the buckets of chalk and placed them throughout the grid for kids to use when drawing.
Magda and the goat. She kept yelling at her, "Hey, goat! Look at me." When the goat wouldn't look, I told her that the goat didn't know it's a goat that she had to call it in Czech, "koza." So she screamed, "Koza!" and it looked, making her very happy! Magdalena loved the goat so much she even shared her snack with it - piskoty (similar to Nilla Wafers, minus the 'nilla.)


At 08 June, 2009 20:51, Blogger Gale said...

Yeah, my first thought was that goat doesn't speak English! At least she got to experience some of the Children's Day fun before you headed out.


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