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08 June 2009

Magdalena's first pony ride

Saturday's weather looked very ify, but we decided to chance it and visit Zoo Lesna in Zlin. It turned out to be a perfect day - overcast, but not a drop of rain, and a comfortable 75 degrees. :-) While we were there Magdalena saw the pony ride and requested to go on one. It cost about $2 for a 5 minute ride, which she thoroughly enjoyed and even asked for another go. Actually, she wanted to progress to the camel (which cost about $3 for a 30 second ride) but we refused that!

I'll post some pictures of the zoo later. It's dinner time now and food is calling my name!


At 08 June, 2009 20:49, Blogger Gale said...

Oh my goodness! She looks like such a big girl on that pony! And not a drop of fear! Oh, I do miss that girl!

At 09 June, 2009 00:25, Blogger Courtney Cantrell said...

Alle enjoyed watching Magdalena ride the pony! I will try to keep my blog up from now on, s we can follow each other!

At 12 June, 2009 16:14, Blogger Emily said...

Where is her hat? She is the only cowgirl without one! :)


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