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05 September 2009

Harrod the Dog

Petr's cousin Jarka has lived and worked on and off in the UK for several years now. She recently purchased a new flat about 15 minutes out of Prague and has enlisted Milan and Petr's help to get things set up for living. Jarka sent this animated doggie home with them yesterday for Magdalena (and a canister full of Lindt chocolates of us!). Since he is from Harrods store, Magdalena said his name is Harrod.
Even though the little creature is already annoying me and Petr with it's barking, it's a perfect gift for Magdalena because she has really been missing having a dog around. Recently, she tells me daily that she misses Cleo and wants her to live with us (as if that will ever happen, knowing how much I LOVE that dog...). She asked me on Thursday for a dog. I told her that after we buy our own house, perhaps she could get one if her Daddy agrees...


At 12 September, 2009 07:34, Blogger Gale said...

I want a dog like that! I bet you don't have to feed or walk that one! And ya gotta love the name! :)


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