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26 September 2009

Pope Benedikt XVI

On our way to Mala Strana to see the Pope, we perused the bazaar in our square where Magdalena found this stuffed mouse for 10kc. A photo shoot was in order afterward so that she could show him off. :-)
The couple standing next to us at the barrier are from El Salvador and speak perfect English. We chatted the whole time we waited on the Pope's arrival (about an hour) and he snapped this family photo for us. Too bad Magdalena wouldn't look at the camera! The sun was extremely bright and she was playing shy too.
The Pope is barely visible in this pic, but if you zoom in, he is all in white with his arm upraised looking in our direction.
Part of the Papamobile is visible between the police officers. It was awaiting the Pope's arrival from the airport so that he could ride up to the castle after the ceremony. Benedikt came in a darkly tinted car so we couldn't really see him as he passed right in front of us (we could have touched the car had the barrier not been in place).
Some of the barriers to keep out cars...and the portable metal detector that the ceremony attendees had to pass through!


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