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17 September 2009

Oh, Happy Day!

My fruit has a new best friend! Yesterday morning, while Magdalena was at pre-school, I hung out at Novy Smichov shopping center with Joanna. We started out window shopping at Marks & Spencer's but ended up buying some peanut butter and canned soups.
Wonder upon wonder, Magdalena wanted to taste the peanut butter! She normally avoids all spreads and sauces like the plague, but when I did a silly re-enactment of smashing peanuts and whipping them into a cream, she wanted to try it. 2 slices of apple and a breakfast cookie covered in peanut butter later she'd had enough, but still said she liked it. :-)


At 19 September, 2009 04:27, Blogger Gale said...

No, she "wiked" it! :)


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