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24 September 2009

Zoo Praha

Monday morning we met up with the Hornback family for a grand Zoo adventure! Gracie and Magdalena are two peas in a pod and couldn't get enough of climbing, yelling at the animals, and hopping in and out of the wagon that the daddies (Petr and Stephen) took turns pulling. When we visited the Emus, Magdalena said, "See he's a nice animal" to which Gracie replied, "No, he isn't."
Stephen pushing the girls in their private carriage.
Charity and Zoe.
Petr and Magdalena transporting Gracie who was being like Mary Poppins and her umbrella. :-)
And, since there aren't any aardvarks in Zoo Atlanta, we were all very fascinated by the very ugly-tailed, but cute-faced creatures as they slept cuddled up together.


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