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26 November 2009

Playing at Vysehrad

Magdalena's new catch word is "awesome!" We're not sure where she picked it up, but it's extremely cute when she uses it! Today, in effort to get out some pent up energy and to treat her for being a good girl the past couple of days, I took her to Vysehrad where there is a super awesome playground. This first photo is of Magdalena on the "Mommy horse" with Vojta (in the stroller) and the Roman Rotunda in the background.
Magdalena on the "Daddy horse."

Riding the zip line and sharing it with a little boy. He didn't know how to ride it, so Magdalena showed him how to do it. She was a patient teacher and took turns very nicely. I was so proud of my girl!


At 27 November, 2009 21:21, Blogger Gale said...

That is "awesome"!! :) A zip line!! How fun! I might would get on one about that far off the ground. :) I loved the video of her riding . . . and sharing with the boy! Another thing to love about Vysehrad!


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