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21 November 2009

Vaclavak and Staromak according to Magda

The Tram Cafe - Madgalena informed me, "We aren't going to buy any food and eat here today." Guess she remembered from last time that it's too expensive. A coffee, plain, is 80kc (normally it costs about 30 or 40kc)!
Carrying on the feet tradition! Can't have a true adventure without photographing the feet of those along for the fun!
A picture of the "angels and the house" - I'm not sure if she meant the block under King Wensceslas or the National Museum in the background...
Magdalena standing under the "Jesus coo-coo clock." It was definitely the highlight of our trip.
Magdalena and her brother at the base of the Jan Hus statue (he's not visible though). :-)


At 21 November, 2009 16:08, Blogger Jessica G Smith said...

I love the world through the eyes of a 3 year old!


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