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10 November 2009

Unchronological pictures - scroll down to the bottom to see them in order

Last night, Petr held Vojtech until he fell asleep. My back has been achy recently - it's been too long since I carried a little one around - so he was giving me some much needed relief (plus immensely enjoying his time with his tiny son).
Magdalena talking to her Daddy on our way home from church last week. He was feeling under the weather, so stayed home for some rest. Magdalena called him to let him know we were on our way home and should order the Chinese food! ;-) (What did she eat? "Chicken and fries" as usual!)
Magdalena's bosom friend has moved to the USA since her parents have been called to be missionaries in Indiana. Gracie and Magdalena are both big on hugs and had to give each other plenty on our last meeting with the family the day before they flew out of Prague.
The whole crew - Sramkovi and Hornback families. We met at a creperia in a local mall to enjoy coffee together and squeeze in as much together time as possible before they moved. My mom was there too and took this great picture (the only one where all the kids were cooperating with us!).
Vojtech's first day at church was also another new baby's first day too. Robbie is 2 1/2 weeks older than Vojtech, but weighed a whole kilo (apx. 2.2lbs) more at birth so he looks much older! I've been blessed recently to become friends with Hulda, Robbie's mommy, via Facebook. Their family doesn't live in Prague, so they only come to church in Prague every now and then. FB has been a nice way to get to know Hulda in place of seeing her on a regular basis. :-)


At 11 November, 2009 17:14, Blogger Emily said...

Oh, how Vojta is growing. I have been looking forward to some new pics.

I hope you back is feeling better. I am sure that you are enjoying your mom being there to help.

At 14 November, 2009 03:49, Blogger Gale said...

Yay! New pictures! Well, actually, I took most of these. Does that count as new? I sure do miss you all and holding that little boy! Love you!


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