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15 January 2011

Thanksgiving at the Sramkovi House

This Thanksgiving was a special day for our family. We were blessed to celebrate with a good friend, Daniel, who was preparing to move to Slovakia.
And, it was the first Thanksgiving when I was solely responsible for planning and executing the menu. Ever since Petr and I have been together, we have celebrated my favorite holiday in the home of friends or family (or at Project Antioch). I must admit that I relished each moment of cooking this meal! I also enjoyed seeing Magdalena so eager to help and watching her bustle around the kitchen 2 steps behind me. :-)
One weekend in October we visited a pumpkin patch and bought these gourds to decorate the kitchen table. Magdalena and I gathered the leaves and other fall plants to fill the bowl.
After dinner, Magdalena got her wish of playing cars with Daniel. When we taught together at Skolicka Life Center, he would fabricate such elaborate road structures for the children to drive on...complete with police officers who checked for driver's license and made law-breakers pay a fine! Magdalena, as soon as she learned that Daniel was joining us for dinner, requested to play cars because "he's the best at cars!"
To fulfill the beauty of Thanksgiving and welcome the beginning of "Christmas season" (in the Bowen family at least), snow began falling on Thanksgiving night. We awoke to a white wonderland.
Magdalena was in awe over the snow and couldn't get enough of seeing it...Vojta was just thrilled to be standing in the window sill! :-D


At 26 January, 2011 07:11, Blogger Gale said...

Love the fall arrangement! I'm proud of you for not only planning and cooking the holiday meal on your own, but allowing Magdalena to jump right in with you--the beginning of a new tradition in your household.

At 26 January, 2011 07:12, Blogger Gale said...

Oh, and I love the picture of Magdalena and Vojta in the windowsill with their daddy. :)


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