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13 January 2011

Failed attempt

The night that the City of Prague lit the Christmas tree on Old Town Square, we decided to go see the lights and let the kids enjoy such a Christmasy event.
We were hoping for some jolly seasonal festivities, but instead what we got was shoulder to shoulder crowds of people. On our SECOND attempt to enter the Square, this is how close we got to the tree. On our first attempt, we couldn't even see the tree.
Yep, craziness. Magdalena got to see this bird's-eye view from her Daddy's shoulders. I only got to see the tip of the top. Vojta slept, so he didn't see anything at all! :-)


At 13 January, 2011 16:25, Blogger Gale said...

That is just crazy! Did Magda take the picture from her bird's-eye view?


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