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07 February 2011

Magdalena's 5th Birthday Celebration

The men-folk (Petr, Vojta, Mirek, and Samuel) relaxing and eating (although, Samuel did draw too) as the kids played a drawing game - take-a-turn-picture.
Some of the Mommas at the party - Darina, Martina, and the birthday girl's Momma, too, of course! :-)
Magdalena showing us the picture she was working on.
Presents! Magdalena received candy, ponies, a knitting kit, and a jewelry set (bracelet and necklace from Vojta). She was excited about the gifts but even more so about playing with all of her friends. :-)
Star cookies and strawberry "champagne"! Each star had the numeral 5 on it since the Big Girl was turning 5 years old.

Playing "How Low Can You Go" which is one of Magdalena's favorite games to play at school. At the very end, the kids all were hissing like snakes as they wiggled their way under on their bellies!


At 11 March, 2011 14:47, Blogger Safariks said...

Happy Birthday Magdalena, sorry I didnt make it but I was in the USA. Natalie


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