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14 May 2006

Kutna Hora retreat

This weekend we took an overnight trip to Kutna Hora for a Project Antioch retreat. As a community we ate delicious food, prayed, shared our ideas and ideals for the future of Project Antioch...and danced to German bluegrass! Here is Magdalena dancing with Brad Gleeson, one of the interns. He leaves for the States tomorrow. Next month he'll begin planting a Mission in Las Vegas, Nevada. We are going to miss him dearly! Magdalena loves him so much and it's quite obvious she holds a special place in his heart. Today, we talked about getting together in the States when we come for a visit later this year.

I've been wanting to visit Kutna Hora for the past two years...and was actually disappointed a bit when I finally did get to see it. The silver mines and mints that are so famous (where the strongest mideival currency was dug up and coined) are not condusive for visiting with an infant, so we didn't get to go. And the infamous "bone church" which is entirely decorated with the bones of over 40,000 plague victims was quite a bit smaller than I'd imagined it would be. Even though the trip didn't go as I had hoped, or expected, it was still very pleasant to spend time with my PA family and visit a historical site.


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