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05 May 2006

Growing girl

Yesterday was Magdalena's 3 month check up. She now weighs 6.3kg/13.8lb and is 60cm/24in long! Dr. Dostal was very impressed with her abilities to follow objects and people with her eyes and head and raise her head and upper body with her arms when on her stomach -- and she didn't even lift up as much as she is able! Can you tell I'm a proud mother?


At 08 May, 2006 23:59, Blogger ShellieP said...

REBEKAH... SHE IS BEAUTIFUL. I only have email at work and it would not let me enter into your family Blog. I cannot believe how much she's grown. I think she looks just like your little sister. I'm so happy for all of you. It seems like you are living it up! May God continue to bless your family.


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