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12 May 2006

New do

Magdalena trying to figure out what Mommy is doing with her hair and what that aweful smell is...

My hair all goo-ed up with hair color -- bronzovy cerveny (bronze-red)...

The finished product, although in person and in the sun it is quite a bit redder!


At 12 May, 2006 16:12, Blogger Gale said...

It's beautiful. But of course, that is because the wearer of the beautiful hair is beautiful!

I love the look on Magdalena's face! The caption sure fits!

Love you!

At 13 May, 2006 05:13, Blogger AuntieBizbef said...

i would say that you're becoming a real european, dying your hair all funky colors. but, you only did half of only dyed it. :) i hope you have a good weekend. aren't you going on a weekend retreat? and yes...magdalena's face fits perfectly with the caption. love y'all!


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