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02 May 2006

Friday in Moravia

Magdalena took a nice long nap in the morning, so I got to be Teta (Aunt) Rebekah for a while and play with my neice Adelka. She's on the far right and the neighbors' daughter Dominika is in the middle. We played a lil game I made up -- "Kde je to?" (Where is it?) I hid a toy in the sand then the girls found it, much to their amusement!

Later we walked around a bit and Petr took pictures of Adelka sitting outside the gate to the family's house. She's such a little doll!

This is the cousins' first meeting! Adelka kept pointing at the "mimi" (short for miminko/baby) and Magdalena carefully studied her cousin's face. We think they're going to be great friends!


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