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18 May 2006


A few nights ago after Magdalena went to bed Petr stayed home with her so that I could go shopping. I still had a good bit of birthday money from Oma, so I thought I'd buy some jeans or shoes with it. Well, I am a midgit in this part of the world (not that I'm tall anywhere -- not even China where some of my 5th grade students were taller than me!) and thus nothing fit me!

So, in true mother fashion, I bought some family necessities and a little something for my baby -- a summer kerchief. Now the other Czech moms and babicky (grandmothers) won't think I'm a bad mom by not covering my child's head. I'll post a picture of her wearing it later!

This picture is of our little girl "chillin'" as Daddy plays his military strategy game.


At 22 May, 2006 17:49, Blogger Gale said...

So, did you spend all the rest of your birthday money from Oma on household and baby stuff? Cause that was supposed to be your money!! :)

Sorry I missed your calls this morning. By the time you see this, I'll be gone. I have a meeting with Robin and Krista in 45 minutes. But we'll talk tomorrow.

Love you!


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